16 January 2013

Shout Out to my Favorite Blogger!!

Of all the blogs I've followed over the past few years, there is only one that constantly has me coming back. I never miss a post. thehandmadehome.net is an awesome blog about home improvement in all aspects of your life. They've recently come out with an e-book that shares a lot of their awesome handy workmanship skills with pictures, tips, and step-by-step tutorials. With every post they make me feel like I can do anything in my home that I dream to do.

They have recently come out with a blog series called "The Lazy Gal's Survival Guide to Better Housekeeping". In one of her first posts in this series she said, "How freeing that must feel to attain not perfection, but simplicity." I thought that was beautifully stated and decided to make a little printable to share.

I know I don't have very many followers. This post was mainly an opportunity for me to say how awesome and inspiring Ashley and Jamin are and to share the printable with them. Thanks y'all!

08 January 2013

Christmas Parade

I have some catching up to do...

We went with mom, Patti, Liz, Russ, and Reina to the Southaven Christmas Parade and had fun watching Reina watch the parade. She danced, shouted, got lots of candy, and posed for the camera.

Bokeh... One day I'll figure out how to have it in the background of a portrait.

"Hey! Throw some candy over here!"

"Check out my hat!"


"Woo hoo! I love parades!"

She got a stuffed animal turtle.

Trying to dane like the cheerleaders.


still dancing

and watching

motorcycle gang

Wobble, baby!


Mommy and Reina 

17 December 2012

A Beautiful Day

Last month, my sister and her husband reunited, and their small family is beautifully happy. Today I am sharing some of the pictures from their incredibly perfect day. 21 November 2012.

Chocolate cake, awesome icing, chocolate- covered strawberries.

A simple bouquet of cream roses, wrapped with ribbon and lace.

Her ring is gorgeous.

and the veil was pretty cute, too... if I may say so myself.
just beautiful

The baby's lace dress to match mommy

mother and daughter. You tell them to look into each others eyes and smile, and you're bound to get some natural smiles/laughs due to the awkward situation. I'm tricky. It works. You just have to wait to click at the right moment.

The ceremony begins... Her facial expressions kill me!

I love everything about this shot. So much love.

Just after the kiss.
Husband and wife.

The family. I love how the sun shoots through the fence... even if they look like American Gothic.

I think this is my favorite shot. 

With so much divorce and families being destroyed, it was such a blessing and a miracle to witness a family reuniting.